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Project Title Project Proponent Society Purpose Full Proposal Description Closest Community
Northeast Region
Chetwynd Biolog Recovery Duz Cho Logging Limited Partnership Fibre Recovery Utilization of residual waste fibre which will be sold to the Canfor Energy North Pellet plant in Chetwynd, B.C. This project helps to avoid pile burning emissions and improves fibre utilization from existing cutting permits outside the current economic reach for low grade fibre. The avoidance of pile burning results in fewer greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to the achievement of B.C.'s and Canada's climate change targets. Duz Cho Logging Limited is wholly owned by the McLeod Lake Indian Band. Chetwynd
Northeast Region Linear Disturbance Restoration MFLNRORD - Northeast Region Habitat Enhancement This project is the first of a three-phase effort to restore linear features to improve wildlife habitat in the Northeast Region of BC. A linear feature refers to roads, seismic lines, power lines, pipelines, railroads, cut lines, and recreational trails on the land. Wildlife can be adversely affected by linear features in two ways: habitat fragmentation and increased rates of predation due to improved access. This phasefocused on developing a strategic restoration plan for caribou, moose and other important species as little is known regarding habitat restoration needs. The project included development of web portal to house the ecological information. Various
Rehabilitation of Linear Disturbance Features in Northeast BC SERNbc Habitat Enhancement This project focused on the rehabilitation of linear features such as roads, seismic lines, power lines, pipelines, railroads, cut lines, and recreational trails on the land. Activities included planning and implementation of reforestation activities to improve wildlife habitat and to bring land back into timber production. The planted trees will sequester (absorb) carbon and contribute to achieving B.C.'s and Canada's climate change targets. Tumbler Ridge
Wildfire Risk Reduction Treatments on the Little Prairie Community Forest Little Prairie Community Forest Inc. Stand Rehabilitation This project in the Little Prairie Community Forest, located north of Chetwynd BC, and is focused on conducting wildfire risk reduction treatments on priority interface zones. Activities will include assessment, prescription development, and applied wildfire risk reduction treatments through mechanical and/or manual treatments. The result will be increased protection for communities, important infrasture, and forest values. Chetwynd
FireSmart - Ft. Nelson First Nations Emergency Services Wildfire Risk Reduction Data collection for a FireSmart and wildfire protection planning pilot project. Outcomes are: individual property FireSmarting, community protection and emergency planning, fuel management, and decision support for assessments, prevention, and insurance providers. Fort Nelson