Rising to the Climate Change Challenge

Rising to the Climate Change Challenge: Foresters and Researchers are taking on Climate Change together — FEBRUARY 2023 A Global Challenge with Local Solutions: Climate change is a global challenge of our time, and it will require action at many levels all around the world. The government of British Columbia (BC) is committed to making meaningful contributions to this effort. The CleanBC Plan outlines measures being acted upon, and the Climate Preparedness and Adaptation Strategy strives to keep communities, infrastructure, and ecosystems safe and resilient to future climate events, such as wildfire, floods, and extreme heat. Learn more about Nature Based Forestry Solutions to take action against climate change.

FESBC 2022 Accomplishments Report

Our mosaic of B.C. forest sector organizations are uniting and collaborating on: sustainability, climate action, increasing First Nations participation, value-for-money, jobs for workers, abundant wildlife, and healthy forests.

As a government agency, FESBC must meet annual reporting criteria. We believe in the importance of sharing information about our learning and experience related to the projects we’ve supported. The reports here provide more detailed information on the work FESBC has supported across the province since being established in 2016.


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