Meet FESBC Office Manager: Joyce Clarke

The Forest Enhancement Society of British Columbia (FESBC) recently added a new office manager to its team. Joyce Clarke, who brings over 25 years of administrative experience in Office Management, Human Resources, Accounting and, as an Executive Assistant, will be working with the team to help keep processes running smoothly behind-the-scenes.

Throughout her career, Joyce gathered diverse work experience through industries such as drilling and manufacturing, as well as experience in both government and non-profit organizations.

“I applied to FESBC because I wanted to make a difference, even if it’s small. I also wanted a position where I could use my skillset and I felt this was a perfect fit,” said Joyce, who has a knack for organizing and implementing successful policies and procedures.

Within her first month of working with FESBC, Joyce got an opportunity to go on-site for one of the prescriptions FESBC had funded in Logan Lake and she found this hands-on approach to working very informative.

“I learned so many things and it really confirmed that I am in an organization where I belong. I like working in the office, but it is really nice to see the work we are doing and how it impacts communities in real-time,” said Joyce.

As FESBC’s office manager, Joyce is responsible for taking care of details for the office, bookkeeping, etc. But she also wears an executive assistant hat, helping the FESBC team wherever needed.

Joyce was born in Ontario in a small town, but while growing up, due to her father’s work, she moved around Ontario a lot, and even moved to Yukon when she was 14 years of age. When she got married, she moved to B.C. with her husband, and she now considers B.C. home.

Her diverse background was part of what attracted her to FESBC’s work.

“I like working as a team and working in a diverse group and I believe with FESBC, I will get that,” explained Joyce. “I believe in giving back, I like taking care of the environment and I like living in harmony with First Nations and all of this also lines up with the work FESBC does; so, it’s great!”

When not at work, Joyce enjoys spending time with her family, hanging out with her yorkie/pom Pebbles, going on camping trips in the summer, and attending music festivals with friends.

On occasion, Joyce dabbles in creative writing and likes to write personal poetry for those who have touched her in some way.

If you ever get the chance to stop by the FESBC office in Kamloops, don’t be surprised if cookies show up, or seasonal decorations are put up, as Joyce likes to bring a touch of hominess to her working environment!