SMITHERS, B.C.: The Federation of British Columbia Woodlot Association (FBCWA) is set to hold their 2019 AGM and Conference in Smithers October 6 – 7, hosted by the Nadina, Kispiox and Bulkley Woodlot Associations. The theme is Beyond Sawlogs: Woodlot Challenges and Opportunities.

There are 855 active woodlots in British Columbia, of which over 90 are located in the Nadina, Bulkley, and Kispiox Timber Supply Areas. The FBCWA represents 17 woodlot associations whose members harvest approximately 1.5 million cubic metres of timber annually, generating significant economic activity in communities.

“The FBCWA has a vision where woodlot holders/owners will participate in a healthy and diverse forest industry with woodlot licences and private forest lands making significant contributions to local communities and providing a sustainable supply of forest products,” said Brian McNaughton, FBCWA General Manager. “Our association has a voice in forest and economic policy and we desire for B.C.’s woodlots to be models of forest management excellence and world renowned for their social, economic, recreational, cultural, and educational contributions to rural communities.”

Conference delegates will take part in the annual field trip to visit three industry partners in Houston that are working co-operatively to utilize and convert wood fibre into wood products: Canfor Houston is a supermill which makes commodity lumber products; Corewood uses low-value logs to make wood products such as square cants and rig mats; and Pinnacle Renewable Energy uses woody biomass to make wood pellets.