Low Grade Wood = High Grade Benefits

The Logging & Sawmilling Journal is featuring one of the Forest Enhancement Society’s project partners, Seaton Forest Products, in its September / October 2021 edition.

From the article: “Seaton Forest Products has a focus on utilizing low grade wood at its mill operation in the B.C. Interior, and it’s generating some high grade benefits from fibre that no one else wants – dry, decadent balsam.”

“Seaton Forest Products’ ability to turn ‘wasted’ wood into viable products, reduce carbon emissions and create jobs mostly for aboriginal workers attracted the interest of the Forest Enhancement Society of BC (FESBC). FESBC, with the support of the…government, invested $2.5 million in Seaton Forest Products in 2018 to support a three-and-a-half-year long project.”

Logging & Sawmilling Journal September / October 2021

Read the full story in the Logging & Sawmilling Journal here, beginning on Page 24: www.forestnet.com