Community Forest Indicators 2021 – Measuring the Benefits of Community Forestry

Forest Enhancement Society of BC is proud to support the work of the BC Community Forest Association and has partnered with several members of the BCCFA. You can read about FESBC’s involvement in the BCCFA’s 2021 Community Forest Indicators Report , including a feature on the Wells Gray Community Forest Corporation Grinding Waste project (P.11).

From the BCCFA: “The Annual Community Forest Indicators Report is a window into community forestry in BC. Since 2014 the BCCFA has conducted an annual survey of its members to measure the benefits that community forests generate. Eighteen indicators provide tangible, quantitative information on the economic, social, cultural and environmental benefits of community forests. The annual report shares the survey results along with many examples and firsthand stories.

The 2021 Community Forest Indicators Report is a detailed culmination of input from 30 community forests across BC on 18 indicators that reflect the multi-value management approach of community forests. The combined results from their last full operating year are evidence of the success and promise of community forestry.”

“As the province moves from a focus on volume to value and to an increase in the participation of First Nations and communities in the forest sector, community forests provide compelling examples of how this can be done.”

-Harley Wright, BCCFA President