Rock the Lake and Ambleside Music Festival will donate ticket proceeds on August 1st and 2nd, 2023 to three local charities and associations

Today, GSL Group announces a new partnership between two of B.C.’s renowned music events, Rock the Lake in Kelowna and Ambleside Music Festival in West Vancouver, with the Forest Enhancement Society of B.C, SenseNet Wildfire detection, and the BC Professional Fire Fighters Burn Fund. 

United in their response to the ongoing wildfire crisis, both festivals pledge to donate all proceeds from their August 1 and 2 ticket sales to these three organizations. This crucial move aims to support indigenous groups and local communities to reduce greenhouse gases, protect communities from wildfires, improve wildlife habitat, and support forest rehabilitation efforts for the ongoing wildfires in the province.

The sobering statistics from the BC Wildfire Service underscore the scale and severity of the wildfires in British Columbia. High to extreme fire danger ratings are prevalent, with a shocking 1,498 fires since April, leading to over 1.5 million hectares burned. At present, 391 fires continue to burn, with over half classified as out of control. In response, both Rock the Lake and Ambleside Music Festival are stepping up, committing to donate all proceeds from its August 1 and 2 ticket sales to address critical needs in the province. 

“Both Rock the Lake and Ambleside Music Festival are about more than just great music—they are about community and solidarity. In the face of a record number of wildfires, we are channelling the energy and spirit of our festivals to help protect our beautiful BC backyard,” emphasizes GSL Group President & CEO Graham Lee. “As part of our appreciation to the front-line firefighters dedicated to protecting our province, we are also providing complimentary tickets to local firefighter charitable associations in West Vancouver and Kelowna as a token of our gratitude.”

As community pillars, Rock the Lake and Ambleside Music Festival have a history of using their iconic festivals to rally local community support. In 2022, the festivals donated $500,000 in tickets to frontline healthcare workers. This year, the same spirit of giving continues, GSL Group is also proud to support the Kelowna General Hospital Foundation, BC Cancer Foundation, BC Children’s Hospital, the YMCA, and other local charities, further emphasizing their collective commitment to community building through their festivals. 

To support B.C. wildfire recovery, purchase tickets on August 1 or 2 for Rock the Lake in Kelowna or Ambleside Music Festival in West Vancouver. Each outdoor festival offers a rockstar-studded lineup featuring local and internationally renowned bands, such as Collective Soul, Burton Cummings and his band, Death from Above 1979, Prism, and Finger Eleven at Rock the Lake from August 11-13th, and Weezer, Third Eye Blind, Bahamas, and Said The Whale at Ambleside Music Festival on August 19th and 20th. The festivals provide not only a memorable musical experience, but also a chance for attendees to help protect their beautiful province this August. 

Steve Kozuki, Executive Director, speaking on behalf of the Forest Enhancement Society of BC (FESBC) commends the initiative, saying, “FESBC funds many projects that result in many benefits to our forests including improving the forest health and wildlife habitat, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by increasing the utilization of forest fibre normally burnt and reducing  the risk of wildfire to communities all across BC, The support from GSL Group, Rock the Lake, and Ambleside Music Festival will help to revitalize and begin recovery for our forests. The funds collected will strengthen our ability to reduce the risk to our communities from BC wildfires. It’s uplifting to see such high-profile events rally in support, reminding us that we are united in our efforts.”

To support this cause and enjoy unforgettable outdoor festivals this summer, secure your tickets to Rock the Lake or Ambleside Music Festival on August 1st and 2nd at and

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