Meet Forest Enhancement Society of BC (FESBC) Operations Manager: Tyler Field

The Forest Enhancement Society of BC (FESBC) recently added a new Operations Manager to its team. Meet Tyler Field, a Registered Professional Forester (RPF) with 25 years of experience in the forest sector.

Growing up in Vancouver, Tyler always enjoyed escaping from the ‘big city’ to immerse himself in the outdoors, often going camping and skiing.

“When I was applying for post-secondary education, I saw the forestry program offered at the University of British Columbia and thought that would be a good way to find a career working outside,” said Tyler.  “I had no idea what forestry was about, as there was no connection in my family to the industry.”

After his first year of university, Tyler got a job in Gold River on Vancouver Island working with Pacific Forest Products and never looked back.

“I loved my first-year work experience. The opportunity to find meaningful work and live in small communities was a perfect fit for me as it enabled me to do all the things I loved to do,” he explained.

Since starting with Western Forest Products on Vancouver Island and Haida Gwaii, Tyler has worked in several different roles, including Contract Manager, Quality Control Manager (for logs), Resident/Operations Forester (overseeing industrial forestry operations), Timber Cruiser (counting and measuring trees), and Layout Engineer (designing forest road systems and timber harvesting plans). Most recently, he was the Operations Manager at the Nootka Forest Operation in Gold River.

These different roles throughout his career have given Tyler the skills and expertise needed to move into the operations manager role with FESBC, with confidence.

As one of FESBC’s operations manager, some of Tyler’s responsibilities include working with proponents to ensure projects become successful, and networking with potential proponents, government ministries, First Nations, and industry leaders to promote FESBC.

Over the years, he has found the most rewarding part of his career to be the opportunity to work in a variety of forest landscapes across the province and do meaningful work that helps create jobs and utilize a renewable resource.

Tyler is excited to work alongside a highly motivated and efficient team, as well as be able to work with local people throughout British Columbia.

“I am looking forward to working on projects that will help enhance the forests, the environment, communities, and lives of all people in British Columbia” he added. “Working in the industry my whole career to date, shifting to a role where I am able to give back to projects that have profound social purposes, that will enhance forests, provide jobs where they are needed, and utilize wood fibre that would normally be left in the bush, is all truly exciting to me.”

Beyond his professional life, Tyler enjoys outdoor adventures with his family and friends. In the winter, he enjoys skiing at Mount Cain, and during the summer, he spends weekends sailing. He also enjoys playing tennis, golf, and squash, and loves fishing and hunting whenever the opportunities arise. He considers himself to be a long-time Canucks and Blue Jays fan.

FESBC’s Executive Director Steve Kozuki said, “Tyler brings strong knowledge, skills and abilities to the FESBC team, particularly with respect to his systematic approach to forest worker safety and his incredibly deep experience in overseeing large scale private sector industrial forestry operations. With his vast expertise, dedication to the betterment of our forests and communities, and undeniable passion, Tyler is set to make a positive impact on FESBC. Welcome to FESBC, Tyler!”

Meet Forest Enhancement Society of BC Operations Manager: Travis Emsland

The Forest Enhancement Society of BC (FESBC) welcomes a new Operations Manager to its team. Meet Travis Emsland, a Registered Professional Forester (RPF) with over 20 years of work experience in the forestry sector.

Initially drawn to forestry because of the opportunities it presented to work outdoors and the variety of avenues to pursue within the sector, Travis began his career as a tree planter in northern Manitoba.

He attended the University of Alberta in Edmonton, graduating in 2001 and obtained his RPF (Registered Professional Forester) status in Alberta two years later. From there on, Travis worked as a partner in a consulting firm in Slave Lake, Alberta where he specialized as a Silviculture Forester.

In June 2019, he was offered a position in British Columbia as a Stewardship Forester with the Ministry of Forests’ Rocky Mountain Resource District, which led him to relocate with his family to Cranbrook and obtain his British Columbia RPF designation a few months later. Travis worked exclusively from that point forward in the Wildfire Risk Reduction program until April of this year when he joined FESBC.

Travis will primarily provide strategic oversight for FESBC’s programs related to wildfire risk reduction.

“This role will include working with our project proponents and our colleagues at PricewaterhouseCoopers to ensure that FESBC projects maximize the achievement of multiple benefits. Projects can be designed to not only reduce wildfire risk to communities, but at the same time also improve wildlife habitat, create recreational opportunities, reduce greenhouse gasses, manage for healthier resilient forests, and generate economic benefits for local people” he shared.

As he begins his journey with FESBC, Travis has found a deep sense of appreciation for the team’s support, as well as the diversity of backgrounds and experiences everyone brings to the table.

“My colleagues here at FESBC are wonderful people to work with. My favourite aspect of my job is the conversations I have with people who are looking to do unique things that will benefit all British Columbians. The field tours throughout the province to see FESBC funded projects are fantastic as well.”

He is looking forward to travelling throughout British Columbia and seeing first-hand how local people are making a difference, especially with respect to increasing fibre utilization with their projects and reducing wildfire risk to communities, taking action on climate change, and so much more, plus being involved with the FireSmart BC Committee.   

During his free time, Travis enjoys staying active and hanging out with his partner, Lenore and their daughters Kennedy and Nicole. In the winter, he plays hockey, curls, and swims, and during the summer, he spends most of his time paddle-boarding, biking, or golfing. He really enjoys tackling woodworking projects in his backyard and would like to get into fly-fishing in the near future.

FESBC Executive Director Steve Kozuki said “With his extensive expertise around wildfire risk reduction and passion for forestry in general, Travis is set to make a positive impact on FESBC and contribute to the continued well-being of British Columbia’s forests and people. Welcome to FESBC, Travis!”